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Reclaiming the Body as Safe Haven

This is one of the primary goals of rebuilding our relationship with HeartSoul Essence. To reclaim our Body as a Safe Haven.  

For those of us who have experienced trauma, the body as a safe haven can be a foreign concept.  The body is where the memory of the trauma lives so we seek refuge outside of the body.  Disassociation is a powerful self-care tool.  It allows us to carry on, to live life, and to feel safe as we heal. What is the mechanism of dissociation? In biodynamic craniosacral (as well as from my own process), I see this as an encapsulation. This happens when our innate wisdom (our HeartSoul Essence) will encapsulate the memory of the trauma including the part of us who holds the trauma, in our etheric (the energy field that surrounds us). This encapsulation is anchored to the body but no longer in the body, technically…it is disassociated from us so that we are not overwhelmed or retraumatized by the memory. There is a lot of judgment around disassociation in the healing realms…some believe that you need to be in your body to heal, literally using their energy to force that.  This is not helpful.  In fact, it can be very harmful.  Do we want people to be present and grounded in their bodies?  Of course. Is that necessary to work with their trauma or their symptoms? No, it is not. It is a process that unfolds over time as we rebuild trust and safety within ourselves.  Disassociation manifests differently.  I have been disassociated and completely present in my life and job(albeit a tad reactive).  I have also been disassociated and completely checked out, spaced out, and living on auto-pilot…the latter can be a dangerous way to live, it definitely makes us vulnerable. 

Encapsulation requires energy to maintain.  Just like if you are putting food in a freezer, it will stay frozen unless the freezer is plugged in.  These encapsulated memories are plugged into us, into our bodies utilizing our energy.  We could use that energy, right?  

The good news is that the wisdom that created this encapsulation is also the wisdom that can heal it.  

Rebuilding our relationship with HeartSoul Essence is the first step.  HeartSoul Essence holds the wisdom, the divine spark that is the key to creating the safety to begin the process of reintegration. Our ability to feel, hear, and tap into that innate wisdom builds trust in the self, in our belief in our ability to hold all of ourselves again.  With HeartSoul Essence, we journey to spaces of safety that we create. This is where the process begins. First, with HeartSoul Essence, we reestablish trust within the self, building our toolbox of safety. This can look like grounding, learning to hear and trust our inner voice, and allowing HeartSoul Essence to show us our strength, our creativity… Then we invite parts of ourselves to join us within this safe container. This is where we can touch into the encapsulation, slowly and in safety.  This process will unfold for people in different ways.  I always trust their innate wisdom to know what is best.  It can take time to go from step 1 to step 2 and often times we “kayak” between the two.  It is a mindful dance between feeling and reestablishing safety until they are able to be present without flooding or reactivation.  

In How to Human 101, our focus is on Step 1.  Establishing safe spaces within us to process, feel, and reconnect with our innate wisdom (HeartSoul Essence).  Learning how the body feels and senses. This is the foundation of this work.  Realignment with HeartSoul Essence. Establishing safety.  Rebuilding innate trust. This foundation allows for a blossoming of spirit within us.  A spark that reignites our connection to life and paves the way for the reMembering…calling back our parts to the safe haven we created within us for them.  

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