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EarthDeva Oracle Readings

Let's chat with the Devas and see what they want you to know, to see, to feel.

earthdeva oracle cards on table

EarthDeva Oracle Readings 
In person or virtual (live on Zoom)


Can include a custom formulated flower essence potion based on the cards pulled for you.

  • Readings can be 30 minutes or 1 hour. 

  • Recordings are available upon request but are not automatic -Ask! 

  • 1 Question Quickie is a 1 question/3 card pull. You email your question and I record the reading and send it to you. *potion NOT available for this reading. Email Here


EarthDeva Oracle readings tap into the deep knowing you have within you.  Connected with the Devas and ancient Earth Mother wisdom, your truth flows through allowing you access - affirming what you already know instinctively.

Custom formulated flower essence blend is based on the cards you drew (the Devas who showed up to work with you.). This potion can be utilized as a conduit to the well of knowing within you, continuing the healing and solidifying your connection to the natural world long after the reading.  The flower essences used are all handmade by the Devas and me!

Janine V

Y'all.  Maria Falce is incredible.  She has given me two readings from her Devas Oracle Cards and they were both so eerily specific.  Maria has some idea of things that are going on in my world right now, but hasn't been a part of the deep dive conversations that I've had with some folx.  Her readings?  It felt like she was a fly on the wall for those conversations.  She is a really talented intuitive and I can't recommend her enough.  If you have questions, if you want help connecting to Source, she is the one. 💜💫🌱

Tricia B

My reading with the Devas felt so affirming. It was like you, Maria, were holding up a magickal mirror through these oracle cards, reflecting back to me the very heart of my soul.  You have a gift of being able to tap into the DEVINE, and the messages you deliver with the help of the Devas are both powerfully resonant and beautifully aligned with whatever messages you need to hear at this time in this now.  Thank you, again, for this beautiful offering of connection! ✨🧚🏻‍♂️💗

Stephanie F

This reading was epic and I am just blown away at  how exactly spot on it was, for real. Thank you so much because honestly I really needed to hear all of that even though some of that was a painful message, thank you!

Book your Reading!

The Devas are waiting!

earthdeva oracle cards on table

1 Question Quickie

1 question = 3 cards

Email your question HERE and you will receive a recorded reading to the email you booked with.


No potion is available with this option

earthdeva oracle cards on table

30 Minute Reading

This 30 minute reading is in-person or virtual with a flower essence potion option - Potion must be selected when booking.

30 minutes $40

Reading with Potion $55

earthdeva oracle cards on table

60 Minute Reading

This 60 minute reading is in-person or virtual with a flower essence potion option - Potion must be selected when booking.

60 minutes $75

Reading with Potion $90

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