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Herbal Consultations

Don't wait to feel better.
One size fits all medicine simply isn't enough.  At best, you may get some relief but over time, symptoms return, sometimes with new friends to join the party.  

Everyone is different. We all have our own story medicine, our own constitutional make-up, our own history. 
Be heard. Feel seen. Let's talk.

During a consultation, we will talk about everything you and custom formulate your products from there. Fully informed.  You are not just your diagnosis, symptoms, or your pain.  Your symptoms are communication...what are they trying to tell you? Is your physical pain linked to trauma... emotional, physical, or spiritual?  When we sit down together we will look at everything.  Your health history, your emotional history, familial history, even your birth chart to guide us on our quest to feeling better - to repairing the relationship you have with your body.

Consultations can be in person or on Zoom.
Choose from 2 options!

Maria has so many tools in her toolbox.  If you have been struggling to figure something out...or have difficulty with certain techniques...she will be able to meet you where you are and guide you to the answers you seek. She is my therapy. 


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Herbal Mini

In the Herbal Mini, you choose 1 issue to work with.  It is a 1 hour consultation where we can address the surface tension in your life and ideally put out some fires so you can then see what lies beneath.  This session includes your first set of custom formulations -this can be a tincture, tea, body care -whatever we decide you need!  It can be in-person or on Zoom. Shipping is included in the continental United States.

Investment: $153

Herbal Partnership

This is where we can dive deep.  We will have 3 - 1 hour long sessions over a 3 month period to assess underlying patterns and get to the root of your concerns.  With a three month commitment, we can track how the formulations are working or not working and adjust accordingly until we get it right. We will have more time for check ins and feeling through what is coming to the surface as we progress.  The Herbal Partnership includes 3 one hour sessions and whatever custom formulations we decide you need in each session.  It can be in-person or on Zoom.  Shipping is included in the continental United States. 

Investment: $400

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On the booking page, you need to select Herbal Consultation for the Mini or Herbal Partnership where it says "Payment"

How Booking Works

Add Service to your cart

Page 1: Choose the Day/Time you prefer

Page 2: Under "payment" (bottom left) select the service choice from the dropdown menu

-Single session will bring you to payment

-Partnership - select "Buy a Plan" then

Page 3: Payment for Partnership

I offer both afterpay and paypal credit options for pay over time.

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