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Maria sitting in her office with a Faery behind her

Who is Your Infinite Heart?

Your Infinite Heart is YOU. The infinite and embodied YOU. The YOU that walks with Spirit. The YOU who remembers who you are and why you are. Your Infinite Heart is the one who holds the blueprint for your life on planet earth and all of the other timelines and dimensions where your infinite soul lives. Your Infinite Heart is the embodiment of the Higher Self. Your Infinite Heart is the Breath of Life, the Potency, and the Innate Wisdom that dwells within.
We came into this life whole, vibrant, connected.  Then life happened.  It’s nobody’s fault, it simply is.  Earth is a traumatic, exhausting place to live. That is truth.  Within this experience there is also love, joy, connection…and most importantly, there is possibility. 

​Social programming would have us believe that possibility is limited based on our gender, class, race…this is one of the lies we are told. Once the spell of forgetting is cast, we forget who we are and in that vulnerable place, society tells us who we are. Who we can be. It starts overwriting our blueprint with its rules and parameters for how we can fit into society. Each program is another blanket that covers our Light. Until one day, we feel lost, extinguished. We don’t know who we are or what we want unless it is in relationship to society.  We become codependent to the matrix.


In truth, the earth grid is designed to be the opposite.  Our Infinite Heart projects our path, our life, our reality out onto the Earth grid - welcomed by the Infinite Heart of the Earth Mother Sophia. This grid lives underneath the synthetic matrix we have accepted as "reality." 

How do you think it would feel to be fully reconnected to your Your Infinite Heart? To throw off the blankets of conditioning and recover your energy, your fire, your truth?  To step out of the box and into your infinite self? To live your life according to your heart, aligned with your soul, fully on Purpose?

I see you. The Infinite Heart you. Allow me to create the space that allows you to see it, too.  To feel it, embody it…to fully remember the magnificence of who you are. You don’t have to make yourSelf small anymore. 

It’s time to shine.

Maria has so many tools in her toolbox.  If you have been struggling to figure something out...or have difficulty with certain techniques...she will be able to meet you where you are and guide you to the answers you seek. She is my therapy. 


Your Infinite Heart Sessions

Infinite Heart Coaching Sessions are eclectic - guided by your Infinite Heart in communication with my Infinite Heart in your Highest and Greatest Good.  Sessions are 90 minutes.

These sessions may include one or more of the following modalities:

  • Guided Meditation

  • Journeywork/Shadow work

  • Embodied Energy Work

  • Soul Retrieval and Parts Integration/Alignment

  • Cord Cutting

  • Journaling - writing and/or art

  • Process Work

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)

  • Ritual | Spellwork | Intention Setting

  • Herbal/Flower Essence Potion custom formulation (product & shipping included in continental US)

  • Tea! (in-person)


Infinite Heart Coaching Sessions may be booked individually or as part of a partnership package. They can be either in-person or virtual. 

What is the Intention of the sessions?
Your intention is personal, my intentions are the following

  • Restore your relationship with your Infinite Heart

  • Recovery of your personal sovereignty

  • Creation of a deep and effective tool box for processing your emotions

  • Meditation skills that you can recreate on your own

  • Remembrance of your intuition and trust in what you hear and know instinctively

  • Restored confidence in yourSelf and in life

  • Greater resiliency

  • Deep trust and empathy for yourSelf

  • Reconnection with the earth and how to ground into her for restoration and support

  • Deep and compassionate embodiment | learning to love your body the way your Infinite Heart loves your body

Single vs Partnership

Single session are great to test the waters, they are 90 minutes

With a partnership, you purchase a package of 3 sessions at a discounted price and we can really create a safe haven for you to explore!  

How Booking Works

Add Service to your cart

Page 1: Choose the Day/Time you prefer

Page 2: Under "payment" (bottom left) select the service choice from the dropdown menu

-Single session will bring you to payment

-Partnership - select "Buy a Plan" then

Page 3: Payment for Partnership

I offer both afterpay and paypal credit options for pay over time.

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