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How to Human 101

How to Live on this Planet without Losing your Soul.

This course is your foundational guidebook to living your life as your Infinite Soul intended.

Our Journey Begins September 30, 2024

Above the Clouds

You are not just this body, this life, this focus.  You are an Infinite Being …with expressions of yourSelf in all dimensions and timelines and in a multitude of worlds, planets, and galaxies.  You have your own planet, your own galaxy – this is the enormity of your existence which is dwarfed only by the enormity of creation.  Your soul’s journey is contained within your Infinite Heart, the Atlas of your Being –this information is located within you just like your connection to all of creation. Some think of this Atlas as the Akashic Records. But the Akashic Records are a synthetic version – a database created by the archons to maintain control over your path and your energy. Telling you that you need to look outside of yourself for answers, for connection… just like religions were created to replace your organic connection to Self as Creator and connect you into its synthetic structure of worship–which feeds your energy to a being posing as creator. 


Does that mean the Akashic Records are untrue?  Not necessarily.  Think of it like this.  You have cash money in hand.  The bank comes and says, hey that’s not safe, let me protect your money.  You still have access to it, *cough(for a fee) you just have to come to me and ask for it.  Will I always have access to it?  Well…there may be times when we are closed and the atms are not working…or you may only have access to a portion of your money at a time, but that is for your protection.  We are keeping you safe. (This is the spell)  The Akashic Records are a bank for our memories and experiences which are held off-world in the etheric which you need an intermediary to access.  We were all sold the idea that embodying the Wholeness of who we are is not safe in 3D. So we outsourced our power to those we are told have more power than us - know better than us…gods, angels, archangels (archons), ascended masters, religions, governments, teachers, bosses, healers…all the way down the line >to ensure our "safety" but this is an illusion.


 We are Infinite Beings dropped into this world who end up searching for ourSelves via others. But I am here to show you that the way is not Out – it is IN.

You are in 5D contemplating your descent into 3D earth to continue your soul’s journey.  In 5D, you are fully aware of your Self – your Infinite Heart holds the Atlas of your Being which includes the roadmap for this journey. 

When we cross the great void after leaving 5D, the spells of control begin to settle in.  We begin to acclimate to our environment which guides and molds us. In an organic environment, this guidance would redirect us to our own knowing, our own wisdom, even as young children. We would be taught to trust ourselves by listening to our body, that our body is the source of our intuition and a direct product/creation of our Infinite Self. We would be taught how to ground and meditate - how to process our emotions all from a very young age. Instead we accumulate layers and layers of programming and input all designed to lead us away from that innate wisdom.  This is the spell of forgetting.  The spell that makes us forget who we are and why we are.  The spell is designed to expend our energy appeasing unknowable and untouchable gods as we grovel for the chance to keep existing. Ask yourself, is this the reason your Infinite Soul decided to embody? How does this feel to your Infinite Heart?  Every single organized religion (yes, the New Age is included) is designed to lead you away from yourSelf and deeper into the snarl of this synthetic matrix.  We did not come here to worship anyone or anything.  We came here to know our infinite and immortal Soul through embodiment.

Now that I’ve pissed some of you off…

I will tell you that you have never truly forgotten.  That your path was always guided by your Infinite Heart, leading you home.  If you are still reading this, it is because you feel this truth deep within.  And you are so close. You have perhaps already remembered and are not sure of your next steps.

That is why I am here.

How to Human 101 | How to Live on this Planet without Losing your Soul

In our 8 weeks together we will build that foundation.

  • Grounding

  • Connecting with our Infinite Heart

  • Resourcing | Caring for ourselves

  • Learning to Listen to our Body | Yes and No

  • Creating Safe Haven Within

  • Processing Emotions

  • Our Internal Dialog | Cultivating Inner Kindness

  • Pain as Communication

Jacqueline B

This course was truly a close and intimate journey of delving into the secret depths of myself. Maria is certainly gifted with gently and intuitively guiding each participant though the tangled and often murky regions of our deepest parts. She has created a stable and safe container for personal exploration while providing necessary, insightful, simple and practical tools for successfully maneuvering through this often new and vulnerable terrain. I am truly blessed to have worked with her in learning how to take my life back into my own hands and shape my destiny in partnership with my highest/truest self, my own Infinite Heart.

Ashley O

My journey completing this course with Maria Falce was so heartening. Maria held a warm container where we could root down and delve deep into ourselves in a way that was safe and wholly beautiful. Over the course of our weeks together I was able to broaden my sense and ability to meditate as well as begin to understand the importance of journaling as a way to hold myself accountable, validate my experiences and process things more fully. I was able to dive into the magical world and relationship that is my cozy oak tree burrow, sparkling meadow or cozy cave and formally meet my Infinite Heart. Maria was there if I had any questions or experiences that needed to be shared, and listened with open ears when we told our tales while meeting as a group. It felt well thought out and comprehensive and I was honored to be able to take part in this experience. 

Jill F

I'm in my 2nd week with Maria Falce on this  journey and I cannot recommend her and her work enough. This is a multi week process combining beautiful visual meditations with journaling and weekly virtual meet ups to talk about experiences and breakthroughs, hold ups and questions marks. It's so insightful and beautiful and I believe everyone could benefit from this work. Maria is someone I know well and trust wholeheartedly. I'm so happy to get to work with her, any chance I get.
soft brown feminine pentagram surrounded by green vines

It is time for you to shine, to walk your path confidently, and continue to build the life you came here to live. 

Maria not only offers a pathway to deeper insight and understanding of who you are, she has an amazing gift she shares in these sessions. Her knowledge and experience shine through as she listens deeply to her student’s experience and offers feedback that is authentic and valuable. These sessions will help you understand your Infinite Heart and inner child, learn who they are and how each of you supports and nurtures the other. I love my time with Maria, her guidance is something I cherish. 

Amy R

How does this Work?

We build this conscious community in a private Facebook group. Guides will be uploaded weekly that you work through independently.  We meet 2x a week live on Zoom.   Details 


  • Weekly Lessons (Monday)

  • Weekly Recorded Guided Meditations

  • Discussion, sharing, and community building in the Private Facebook group

  • Guided Practice work

  • Conscious Journaling with prompts

  • Weekly Journaling accountability zoom sessions (Wednesdays)

  • Weekly live Q & A meetings for sharing and support (Sundays)

  • One private coaching session with me!          WOW! Really?  Yes!


Our Goals

  • To remember who we are and why we are here

  • To try to make sense of this world or at least feel supported and heard in the midst

  • To understand grounding/our innate connection with the Earth and how to work with her energies

  • To make deep communication with our Infinite Heart and our “selves” a natural and enriching part of our day-to-day

  • To learn to access wisdom and knowledge contained within us 

  • To understand how universal energies such as solar flares and Schumann resonance affect our physical and energetic bodies. 

  • To learn deep nurturing as an act of rebellion against a society that would prefer us depleted.

  • To remember that we are more than… all of it–all that society deems important…we are so much more. 

You will Leave with...

  • Valuable skills to guide you and enhance your everyday life with greater levels of joy

  • You will foster a connection to your deep innate wisdom

  • Build trust in your intuition, and

  • Learn deep resourcing and self care for your physical and soul body.

Your Investment will yield:

  • Practical, useful tools for grounding and clearing stuck yuck in the body

  • Meditation tools - you CAN do this!

  • Reconnection with your Intuition and Guidance from the body

  • Easy and fun self-care techniques - that become habits!

  • Pathways to create new and fun patterns in your life

  • Foundational tools to build life-long practices that bring joy and contentment

Our Soul Path

This course is a culmination of 30 years of learning, healing, and aligning to my highest purpose.This course is for empaths, highly sensitive people, and anyone who has ever asked the question "what is the point of all of this?" or felt a deep longing in their soul for something more meaningful or felt instinctively that they are more than society deems them to be.This is for the feelers, the lovers, the joy and light bringers, the dimension walkers, timeline shifters, and the fae-touched, magick makers... it for those who feel their origins in the stars and know in every cell of their being that they are here for a reason.If you feel this in your soul but your mind is telling you that it's not real, not possible...then this is definitely the course for you.I believe in your LightI believe in your HeartI believe in your PurposeI believe in YOU.What has your soul been calling out for? What message is getting obscured by the static of life?Sometimes, all we need is for someone to show us how to turn the radio dial to tune into our unique station so our frequency can align, the static fades away, and we can see and feel and hear with clarity our Infinite Heart – the aspect of us who walks with Spirit, our higher self, the one who holds the blueprint for our intention on this earth.​We are the ones we have been waiting for. Who is ready to embrace their path and walk their own unique truth?

Maria sitting in her office with a faery behind her

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