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Whipped Tallow is the perfect medium to deliver herbal healing directly into your body via your largest organ - your skin! Tallow delivers your herbal medicine without any barriers.


If I have the herbs oils/tincture...I can make it into a whipped tallow!


Tell me what you are working on...

  • lymphatic stagnation
  • circulatory issues
  • liver stagnation
  • You tell me!


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4 oz or 8 oz jar

Custom Whipped Tallow Cream

SKU: 364215376135191
PriceFrom $35.00
  • Why Tallow?  
    I have started to use tallow in place of beeswax for absorption.  Beeswax is great for when you want/need a skin barrier but only allows for about 30% absorption of any herbs/medicinals you add.  Tallow is 100% absorbable because it is so similar to our body's own fat!  It absorbs right in and takes the herbs with it!  I have found it to be a superior medium for topical applications of herbs. 

    Does it smell like meat? 
    Tallow does not smell as nice as beeswax, I'm not going to lie!  BUT, when you combine it with the shea and cocoa butters and herbs, it smells nice!  We can also get creative and add extracts (homemade vanilla bean paste, homemade cocoa extract, even aromatic tinctures such as lavender or rose petal).  I can also add essential oils (if available) upon request.  

    Is it greasy?
    I have not found it to be so.  I find it absorbs much better than a beeswax-based salve.  It leaves my skin soft and not greasy at all.

    How is it preserved?
    That's the real magick, friends!  Most creams and lotions are made by emulsifying infusions (tea-basically) into the oils/fats.  This type of preparation will grow mold in a few days without refrigeration - and honestly...I hate keeping my daily use body products in the refrigerator...who wants to put freezing cold cream on their body straight out of the shower?  Not me! The tinctures naturally preserve my creams and have longevity since they contain no water.  They are shelf-stable and will last for 6+ months.  Probably longer but I use mine up before that so I cannot be certain. 
    Will my dog want to lick it off of me?
    Probably, but that is true for any product I make because I only use edible, food-based ingredients.

    More Fun Facts!
    I can custom formulate any blend specifically for you!  Using herbs (oils and tinctures), flower essences, and even homeopathics! I can even add some essential oils if you prefer that! 

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