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2 different formulas, both work great! Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs combine to soothe sore muscles, aching joints, bruising, sprains, and strains. Topical use, on intact skin. Please consult your doctor for any injury.


2 oz tin


Note: I am out of arnica herb. My backyard patch did not make it and the cost of purchasing has become prohibitive. The great news? Goldenrod has similar properties and my yard is filled with it!

Sore Muscle Salve or Tallow Cream

  • Sore Muscle Salve Ingredients:  Sunflower and olive oils infused with cottonwood buds and twigs, goldenrod, hypericum, calendula, comfrey leaf, local beeswax, flower essences Bach Rescue Remedy and my own wild self heal.

    Pain Relief Tallow: Grass-fed, organic tallow, organic raw shea butter, organic raw cocoa butter, Olive oil infused with hypericum, cottonwood, comfrey leaf & root, and goldenrod. Tinctures: My PainTonic blend(Meadowsweet, white willow bark, black cohosh, skullcap, hypericum, california poppy and ginger.  Flower essences: self heal, arnica, hypericum, & rescue remedy.) And my Inflammease blend (milky oats, solomon’s seal, skullcap, & turmeric).

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