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1 oz tin


Do you really want to slather your cuts and scrapes with chemicals and petroleum? Yuck. Welcome to nature's apothecary. Healing herbs combine with energetically healing flower essences to make a balm that heals. So velvety you will want to slather it all over!


Yes, this is a reinvention of my beloved Boo Boo Stick.  If you loved Boo Boo Stick, you will not be disappointed in Boo Boo Balm.   But why?!?

  • I am trying to eliminate plastic containers... I don't feel this needs explanation.
  • I am working to eliminate essential oils.  I know...that is challenging for some.  Essential oils are just not sustainable and they are disrespectful to the plants.  I just cannot anymore.  I still have some very high vibrational oils that I can add to products upon request, but I will not be purchasing more.

    Isolated constituents are not balanced and do not honor the full expression and intention of the plants. Used incorrectly are harmful.

    They are not necessary.  I trust the plants.  Whole plant medicine brings whole healing for us.


Boo Boo Balm

  • New Formulation: Local organic grass-fed tallow, organic raw cocoa butter, olive oil infused with (yarrow), plantain, calendula, cottonwood bud, and hypericum, tinctures of yarrow & self heal, flower essences of self heal and Bach Rescue Remedy.  *Note: this current small batch does not contain yarrow infused oil, I was out and she wasn't blooming yet!)
    The herbs:

    • Yarrow: Astringent, vulnerary, antiseptic.  Known as the great wound healer.Yarrow coagulates proteins and knits tissues together.
    • Plantain: Master healer, drawing, high levels of allantoin (cell healing/growth)
    • Self Heal (flower essence) Stimulates the body to heal itself
    • Calendula: antimicrobial - heals from the bottom up, astringent
    • Cottonwood Bud: pain relieving, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory
    • Hypericum: great for burns, punctures. and nerve pain.
    • Bach Rescue Remedy: A potent combination of flower essences designed to assist the body in dealing with shock and trauma.

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